Trafficadbar – Not an Ordinary Traffic Exchange

Trafficadbar – Not an Ordinary Traffic Exchange
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If you think this is another Traffic Exchange, then you’re wrong. I was at first very reluctant to join another Traffic Exchange but I was so wrong. Most of the exchanges provides you with 1 view per website you view. This is different in terms of how your website will be exposed to your potential leads.

You get multiple exposures as your ad will be shown to
– members who are surfing
– in daily mails
– to users who put their website with the unique Trafficadbar-Link on other Traffic Exchanges with the ads showing at the bottom

Not only that, with every 25 sites you surf, you get bonus hits and points to get more traffic to your site. Your primary goal is to earn points to climb up the level ladder. The level ladder is your key to automated advertising. The higher each of your 5 websites are on the level ladder, the more hits you will receive. You can even earn more points with the daily surf emails. As a paid member maybe your links are promoted in these daily mails. If you own a Blog, Website or an Community, insert the AdBar Code into it, to earn even more points.

If you have a website on level 10 and above, TrafficAdBar will send out 1,022 links every 3 days, level 9, 510 links and so on.

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You need to do this on a daily basis for results

1. Look out for the daily mail.

2. Click on the links in the daily mail and earn points.

3. View others members sites to get points and hits in the Ad Network.

And TrafficAdBar will send visitors to your websites!

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