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Mobile Friendly Traffic Exchange for Mobiles and Tablets

Mobile Friendly Traffic Exchange for Mobiles and Tablets
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Mobile friendly Traffic Exchange designed to work on Mobiles (Smartphones) and Tablets

The Slogan of that Traffic Exchange is:

Just because you’re away from your
desktop doesn’t mean you have to lose
valuable FREE advertising potential

With this Traffic Exchange you can surf everywhere for credits to show your own advertising. Just surf on your way to work or home, sitting in a bus, train, tram or whatever and earn. You can just bookmark the surfing link and start to surf, no extra login needed. But you don’t have to surf on your mobile you can surf on any desktop computer or notebook, too.

Are there any other advantages?

You can setup your urls easily and can promote them with the FREE included Rotator on other Traffic Exchanges. There is even a free tool that shows you from which countries the visitors of your urls come from.

Earn even more credits by promoting your referral link, who else can you offer that.

What can you Earn?

At first you can earn up to 60% residual comissions. Than they give cash incentives for active referrals and daily bonuses for active users.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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