Geo targeting of your advertising

Geo targeting of your advertising
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Geo targeting with a free to use tool made easy.

Imagine you want to ‘Geo Target‘ your offer, than it is now possible for free. With the new ‘Geo Target‘ feature, you can send the traffic from USA and Canada to ‘Program A’ while sending the traffic from the other countries to another program that accepts international members or has a different language.

To make geo-targeting possible, you need to make use of FREE TRT Rotator from LeadsLeap.

The Real Tracker (TRT) Rotator was initially created to allow you to rotate unlimited TRT Links based on different weightages. Now we add another feature that allows you to rotate the links based on the location of the traffic, you can geo target it.

How to use the geo targeting feature

1) First you need to sign in for FREE at LeadsLeap

2) Second, you need to add the links you want to promote in TRT Links at the top of the dashboard.

3) Create a TRT Rotator and add those TRT Links into it.

4) Show the links in the rotator if it is not already shown (by clicking the icon show in the arrow 1).

5) For the link(s) that you want to target, click the ‘Edit‘ button next to ‘Geo Target‘ (see arrow 2).

6) This will open a list of countries that you can target. Simply click to select the countries that you want to target and click ‘Save Changes‘.

7) Next, click the ‘Edit‘ button for the link that you want to show to the rest of the world (see arrow 3), select ‘Show to the rest‘ (see arrow 4).

Remember to have a ‘Show to the rest‘ link when you use Geo Targeting. Otherwise, the system will show a default untargeted message to the traffic from untargeted countries.

There is no limit on how you want to target and rotate. You can have several links for the same country or one link targeting different countries. The system will detect the traffic source, rotate the links based on the weightage and present one of matched links to the traffic.

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